Sex Secrets of a Witch Series by Erotica Author Eliza Monroe


Welcome to another TGIF and the weekend forecast is for….more rain! lol  Maybe it’s different where you are. We are finally having warm sunny stretches here and there. In Oregon you gotta go out and grab them when they arrive this time of year. But all that rain leads to the most beautiful roses….as well as plenty of writing time. Still, here’s to the end of the rainy season, and I hope you’re finding this in a sunny mood that could only be made better by a fun new story!

And do I have a series for you…

Sex Secrets of a Witch (Collection)

Amazon US / Amazon UK / iBooks / Kobo / Barnes & Noblesex-secrets-of-a-witch

A collection of three short stories from the edge of romance. 

When a mysterious blog called Sex Secrets of a Witch gets popular seemingly overnight, readers are surprised to find the spells on the site actually work…just not quite they way anyone expects. This series is intended for an adult audience only.

Sex Secrets of a Witch includes these three stories: The Exotic Love Spell, The Abundant Love Spell, and The Potent Love Spell.

The Exotic Love Spell

the-exotic-love-spellAmazon US / Amazon UK / iBooks / Kobo / Barnes & Noble

A rediscovered heat…and it isn’t the campfire.

Lena is a successful soap opera actress, whose actor-turned-stay-at-home husband Mike is constantly in her shadow. But that’s back in L.A. Now Mike has taken Lena into the wilderness for a two-day escape from reality.

When she finds out he brought a surprise that’ll really heat up their night – a sex spell from a popular blog called Sex Secrets of a Witch – things get interesting. But when she pulls out her own surprise, things get really kinky.

The Abundant Love Spell

the-abundant-love-spellAmazon US / Amazon UK / iBooks / Kobo / Barnes & Noble

Julia gets everything she asked for…and more.

Julia hasn’t had a man in a while. Bryan, the man of her fantasies, works in the same building she does. So does a good friend of hers, who has recently turned Wiccan and is fanatically following a blog called Sex Secrets of a Witch. When Julia’s friend convinces her to try a love spell to accelerate things with Bryan, Julia may be signing up for more than she knows.

But in the end, will it get her what she wants?

The Potent Love Spell

the-potent-love-spellAmazon US / Amazon UK / iBooks / Kobo / Barnes & Noble

Was Sidney with the wrong guy this entire time?

Sidney and Colson have been “friends with benefits” for more than a year. He’s great in bed – gives it to her rough, just like she wants it – but Sidney is ready for more. She makes a rash decision to take matters into her own hands, deciding he’ll love her, even if it’s a love spell that gets him there. She found one recently on a strange blog written in the style of a neighborhood nurse on a rather risqué topic: Sex Secrets of a Witch.

Spells being unpredictable, Sidney doesn’t get quite what she set out for. What happens next is even better than her fantasies.


Thanks for stopping by! Hope the weather’s bright where you are. *wink*

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