Erotica Writer Inspiration — Where Do I Get My Dirty Ideas?

Hey there! I thought readers might be interested in the sources of inspiration for my erotic fiction. It might help to know that in addition to erotica, I’m a fantasy nut. 🙂 I read a lot of fantasy and I also write fantasy under another name. A more SERIOUS name. lol 🙂

I do write contemporary erotica as well, but just as often my erotic stories set in the modern world have fantasy elements — some sort of erotic magic spell or the interaction of a diety or sex-crazed supernatural influence. (Wait…have I done the sex-crazed supernatural yet? Hmm… Lightbulb moment!!)

The truth is, when it comes to the sexy, it has all been done. And done and done again. You only have to look at history for some truly strange, twisted, and occasionally fascinating material to work with. I’ll be doing a blog series about these historical tidbits…because seriously, I have TONS to say about fascinating sex stories regarding historical figures and different historical periods around the world. Way more than I can fit into this post, so more on that later…

I also like to play with gender roles and expectations. I like to think about how a sexually driven woman would have thought and acted in historical times…and then I usually like to throw in a twist of some sort. I focus on empowered female — and male — characters. I PLAY here. My erotic fiction is meant to be fun, for me to write and for you to read! That is what this thing is about.

One thing to note about my particular flavor of erotica: my female and male characters have agency. Sex is consensual and enjoyed by all parties in all of my erotic fiction. Everyone loves sex in my stories. Women usually get to get off first. They also get to have multiple orgasms much more frequently than their male counterparts. Because that’s the way it works. Ain’t life grand!?!

Once you add all that up, the ideas are endless! You should see my list….


Have a beautiful day, readers! Thank you for making my site a part of your day!

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