Excerpt: A Tallamyr Tryst (Sci-Fi Erotica)

elizamonroe-com-more-storiesOoh! Why not? I’m sharing a sneak peek of my science fiction erotica story, A Tallamyr Tryst. Enjoy!!

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The Myr will make you feel as you’ve never felt before…

On Tallamyr, a curious planetary awareness called the Myr makes it impossible to hide sexual urges or pleasure, which the Myr conveys to everyone in the vicinity. The perfect place for sexual adventure, Tallamyr has become a hot spot for travelers seeking to explore.

Some people are more sensitive to the Myr, and Gracie – a smug explorer born and raised on Tallamyr – is one of them. Because of the Myr, Gracie gets more out of giving pleasure than receiving.

Tomas is looking for something new his first time on Tallamyr – valuable photos of the famed wildlife he can only get with the help of Tallamyr Travel’s guides. When he meets Gracie, he begins to understand this strange place called Tallamyr in a whole new way.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Milo, tell me this is a fucking joke!” Gracie Andeles attacked as soon as she spotted her boss in the common pod. “I am not interested in a station in the north.” She’d left the wild north years ago – and good riddance.

“It’s not a joke. We’re expanding, and we need experienced operators in the north. You have experience, both in the north and with the planet’s not-so-cuddly wildlife. Speaking of, I have another deal to talk to you about.”

Gracie didn’t like the sound of that.

“There’s a photographer on the transport that just landed. It’s his first time on Tallamyr, but his reputation precedes him. The company would like to hire him, but we haven’t had luck swaying him so far.”

“Then what’s he doing here?”

“Our luck—he’s interested in the wildlife.”

Gracie groaned. “I think I know what’s coming, and I can’t believe you’d throw it at me now, after this!” Gracie waved the recycled-green paper at him.

“It’s just a transfer, Gracie.”

“To Dragon Land, you fucking dolt.”

“It’s not Dragon Land. You’re being dramatic. The dragons don’t even come out that much. And they’re far away from base.”

“You’ll just be paying me to take tourists on joy rides to see them, right?”

“I’ll admit the dragon tours are in demand. Almost as many orders as for Tallamyr Trysts.” Milo’s eyes actually got a little starry, and Gracie knew he was thinking about how much money he was going to make from the bonus program after the Trysts started. But that was for next month. Gracie had enough on her schedule to keep her plenty busy until then.

She hadn’t put much thought into her company wrangling itself a niche alongside the sex trade. Sex sold. Riverswell was booming due to the lax regulation around prostitution, porn, and acceptance of all manner of sexuality, combined with the wild beauty of the location.

It was a natural fit for this place. The Myr—some called it the spirit of the planet—was like a constant pulse of sensuality underfoot. Some people were more sensitive to it than others, and Gracie more so than most. It was almost as though the planet enjoyed their sex as much as the people having it, and fed pleasure back into that circuit, increasing all the participants’ pleasure.

People visiting Tallamyr often had amazing sexual experiences there, due to the Myr. So it made sense that they told their friends, who told their friends, who all came to Tallamyr to have great sex. Whole industries built up around keeping people in a sexual haze of pleasure—extravagant hotels and even more extravagant brothels, public pools and baths, tons of public nudity, the market square selling sex toys in nearly as many stalls as food. For those who wanted a vacation in the rugged frontier, combined with mind-blowing experiences, including sex, Tallamyr was a dream destination.

Tallamyr Travel had doubled in size since Gracie joined the team three years ago. The recent travel boom meant the agency was growing again.

Gracie really shouldn’t complain. The travel boom was the best news to hit Tallamyr in a long time. They used to mine certain ores here, but in the last fifty years the easily accessible stuff had dried up, and jobs were scarce. Luckily, the planet was rich with life. Food grew in abundance in gardens and in the forest. Gracie knew, because she’d foraged for that food when she’d struggled to feed her little brothers all those years. Both of her brothers had boarded a transport three years ago, headed for Tilliroam, where there was more opportunity. Gracie knew it wasn’t likely she’d see her family again. She’d made herself a new family with the agency. And now they were casting her adrift in the north. Suddenly she had a thought.

“Is anyone else being transferred?”

“Like we’d send you to a new station by yourself? There’s a whole list. You can check it out over there.” He pointed to a piece of paper tacked up next to the door, just as his comm unit beeped at him. He checked the screen. “Scratch that. Check it later. Right now you need to go meet Tomas Bristol at the gates. Show him a good time, Gracie. I want to hire him, but he doesn’t know he’s interested in a job with us, yet.”

Gracie rolled her eyes. “You want me to buy him his choice of Tallamyr whores?”

“If that’s what he’s into, yes.”

“He’s paying, right?”

“If we don’t hire him, he’s paying. I’m likely to ignore the cost if he turns out to be our guy. We really need a photographer. Mementos are an area of the trade that is woefully behind. We could capitalize on that.”

He had such a sick mind. But that’s what lined her pockets, so she’d be a hypocrite to squeak while accepting the grease.


She took a hover-cruiser to pick up the guest. At the gates, she found one of the most attractive men she’d ever met. His dark, curly hair was swept back in a ponytail. His boyish appearance stood in stark contrast with a white slash of a scar that wrapped from his throat to his strong jawline. She found herself glad the scar hadn’t further marred his beauty. His eyes were a dark blue, like the deepest of the pools in the Trask River. He was surrounded by bags of all sizes, many of them oblong and obviously carrying photographic equipment.

“Tomas Bristol? I’m Gracie Andeles. Your ride.” Gracie jumped out and helped him load his luggage into the hover-cruiser. He smiled a thank you, and climbed aboard as soon as the last bag was on board.

“Thanks for the ride.”

“What would you have done without me?”

“Yeah. It would have taken me some time to get all this stuff to my room.” He paused. “I do have a room, right?”

“You’re in the men’s bunk for the night. Not as bad as it sounds—everyone has a small private room. All living space is communal, including the kitchens, dining, and bathrooms.”


“Boss didn’t have much time to tell me why you’re here,” Gracie stated.

Tomas just nodded.

“So why are you here?” Gracie managed not to grit her teeth. She felt a little stupid, and she was really just trying to fill the silence with idle chatter.

“I want to get decent shots of the wildlife. No one has ever managed to get saleable photos of the Tallamyr wildlife off planet. I figure there’s some money to be made—first of all from your own agency.”

“My boss already tells me he wants to hire you. There’s a job here for you if you want it. I wouldn’t count on fame and fortune if I were you, though.”

“I don’t know if I want a job. Right now I travel a lot, and sell photos wherever I can. I’ve built relationships on almost a dozen frontier planets, and I make the circuit by transport. I was thinking of adding Tallamyr to that list.”

“Either way is fine by me,” Gracie held up a hand. That was the honest truth. “I’m just supposed to show you around, and show you why you might want to rethink that plan and stay on Tallamyr.”

Despite her earlier displeasure at the assignment, Gracie was glad Milo had forced her into this. She rarely met new men. Her friends would say she was more focused on work than was good for her. So how appropriate that she’d be at work when she met a man like Tomas Bristol.

Gracie wanted to fuck this man.

It might look bad, since the boss had sent her to woo him to their agency…but looking him over, she just couldn’t help herself. She wasn’t a whore. Played with plenty of them—but Gracie had never taken money for sex. She didn’t need money in this case.

They pulled up outside the compound, and Tomas stared around in silence for a moment. “Tallamyr is reputed to be a beautiful place. How about you show me some of that before we enter sterile city?”

Gracie laughed, and turned the cruiser around. She knew the perfect spot. It was about ten miles from the compound, on a rise where you could see the city of Riverswell spread out alongside the wide, curving ribbon of the Trask River itself. For all that, it was pretty secluded.

A few minutes later they were there.

“That’s what I’m after.” Tomas started unloading some of his equipment. Gracie rolled her eyes. “What?” he asked.

“I didn’t realize you were on the job already.”

“Oh, I’m always watching for a great photo. Great photos sell. And then I get to take more time off.” He gave her a big grin, and she returned it, believing him.

He pulled out cameras and stands rapidly, and about ten minutes later he was satisfied with the shots he’d gotten. “Thanks. I think I can sell some of these. And it’s just the first night.”

“Hungry? Let’s get back to the compound. It’s about dinnertime. I think it’s Eden’s turn to cook, and she does a mean porridge with veggies.”

“Sounds delicious.”

Gracie couldn’t tell whether he was serious or not, but once she climbed into the cruiser, she didn’t have space for that thought anymore.

It wouldn’t start.

“I’m such a fucking idiot,” Gracie whispered.


“The cruiser is out of gas,” Gracie told him through gritted teeth. “That makes me a fucking idiot, because I didn’t bother to check.”

“Does that mean we walk back?”

“No. Didn’t you see that ravine we crossed about a mile back? It would take us all night to go around it, and you wouldn’t want to be out here all night.” She picked up the hand-held radio, and pressed the button for dispatch.


“Hey, Sierra. I’m a dumbass and left with a cruiser on empty. I’m at the bluff viewpoint. Can you send someone to gas up my cruiser?” She hated calling attention to her mistakes, but what in a rust dragon’s ass was she supposed to do?

“Uh…let me check something real fast. Back in a sec.”

The line crackled, and then switched off. Gracie looked over to find the passenger looking her over rather heatedly. Uh-oh.

“So, there’s something I should probably tell you about Tallamyr. Have you heard what the Myr part of that represents?”

He shook himself like he had to snap out of a daze. “No. I came to photograph the wildlife because I know some people interested in good photos. I’ve felt a little strange ever since I got off that transport. Like I’m…feeling everything too much.”

“That’s a decent description, actually.” Gracie had turned toward him in her seat, and jumped when the hand-held came to life with another sharp crackle.

“Gracie? There are no cruisers at Central. I have a two-seater, but I’m the only one here, and you know I shouldn’t take off lightly. Are you in desperate need?”

Gracie sputtered a little at that question, and Tomas shifted uncomfortably. “No. We have what we need for now. Radio Walker for me and see what he’s doing with that other cruiser. Let me know how long he’ll be.”

“I already did that. He can be to your location in two or three hours. Is that workable or shall I make it an emergency?”

Now Gracie knew the snide bitch was making fun of her. Ah well. She deserved it.

“Thanks, Sierra. Catch you later.” Gracie didn’t even grit her teeth. Forgive and forget. At least they had a ride coming, even if it was going to be a while. She turned back to Tomas, who watched her with a guarded expression. “So, you heard that.”

“Does she dislike you for some reason?”

“Oh, did you get that feeling? Let me see,” she tapped a finger against her lip thoughtfully, “Yes. Her lover is sorta in love with me. Since we were ten or so. Walker’s the reason I joined up with this crew, and she’s resented me ever since.”

“So we’re stuck.”

“Yeah. Sorry.”

Tomas made to get out of the cruiser. “I should take some more pictures, as long as we’re stuck.”

Gracie smiled at his optimistic take on the situation. She sat on an outcropping of rock and watched him unpack gear he’d just packed away a moment ago. As he set up a tripod, adjusting the angle, snapping shots, and adjusting it again, Gracie knew photography took far too much patience for her.

She checked out her nails. They needed a good scrubbing, to be honest.

She looked at her boots. Those, too.

Suddenly, her mind alerted her to something her senses had started perceiving moments before, and that she’d chosen to ignore. A roar, a rumbling, growing louder.

The roar of water.

“Tomas! We have to climb higher! Flash flood!” She held her ground only long enough to shout before running to the rock-strewn slope that was the only way off the bluff without transport. Gracie scrambled upward, looking over her shoulder just once to find Tomas close behind her, his camera bag slung awkwardly over his shoulder.

She didn’t blame him for trying to bring his camera, now that he had at least some of the shots he’d come for. That optimism again.

Gracie hoped it wouldn’t kill him.

What had been a distant roar was now a deafening crash of water on rock, as the mighty Trask River swelled and scarred the earth. They could only climb, and Gracie illustrated that by example. She jumped over rocks, she leapt, she jogged over bare patches. She didn’t miss a single heartbeat of motion, because that heartbeat could cost her life.

She could feel Tomas right behind her, could hear him scrabbling, swearing. But he was keeping up. She had no idea if he’d ditched the camera yet. A part of her—the part that so liked his optimistic nature—fervently hoped he wouldn’t have to.

Tallamyr could be cruel. Beautiful, but cruel.

Only when the first rush of water had passed, and that deafening crash with it, did Gracie slow and bend at the waist, sucking in air and hoping she wasn’t about to vomit.

Tomas was just a few feet away, his camera bag still slung over one shoulder.

“Nice hustle.”

“That was a rush I wasn’t after,” he told her. He sounded a little shaky, but who could blame him?

“Yeah, a flash flood. They happen here a few times a year. Not a problem if your cruiser isn’t out of gas.”

“The cruiser isn’t there anymore.”

“Are you shitting me?” Gracie craned her neck looking back down the steep slope. She backed up, and sat cross-legged on the ground. “Glad we ran.”

“What do we do now?”

“Wait for Walker. He’ll know to look uphill, if they haven’t heard about the flood and set up a panic already,” she snickered. Milo was really a baby when it came to these things. But then, he hadn’t grown up on Tallamyr.

A rock wall nearby formed something of a barrier to the wind, which was good. The waters were high down below, and Gracie didn’t plan on moving for a stretch. Seriously, Walker would find them right where they were.

Then Tomas sat next to her, close enough to reach out and touch, and she couldn’t help herself.

She reached for him, and he responded instantly, his hand catching hers in mid-air, pressing her fingers together in a ball, almost viciously. He pulled her onto his lap, so her back was pressed against his front, and he held her captive with pressure on her hand.

Gracie laughed. The Myr had this one. And she was happy to take advantage of that. She wiggled her ass against him, and listened to his ragged moan.

“So, I never got back to telling you about the Myr.”

He didn’t respond. He was too busy nibbling her neck in a way that threatened to melt all her resistance.

“The Myr increases sexual pleasure with a sort of feedback loop. It feeds on our pleasure, and gives its own pleasure back to us, magnifying our sensitivity.”

“So this isn’t real?”

“Oh, it’s real. It’s just a foreign mechanism to you. You can feel it, but it’s more a suggestion to you, at least at first. Some of us born to the planet are more sensitive.”

“Like you?”

Good. He got the subtext.

“Yeah. Like me.”

“What does that mean?” His fingers were getting tangled in her hair, and he’d snaked one hand around to fondle her chest, slipping the fingertips between the buttons of her shirt and cupping her, as much of her as he could reach. She undid the buttons so he could continue his exploration.

“It means I feel an echo of any pleasure I give you. You will feel a slight echo from me, but it won’t be nearly as powerful as your own pleasure. For me, it is the opposite. When I pleasure you, I receive amplified pleasure, more pleasure even than in receiving physical pleasure.”

“And that makes you want to pleasure me?” Tomas turned her so he could catch her eye, and smiled. She agreed with his sentiment. It was a good deal, when she chose to share it.

… …

Thanks for reading this excerpt of A Tallamyr Tryst. It swiftly gets kinky from there, so I’m not blogging further. You can pick this story up at your favorite ebook retailer! Links below!

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