Dark Knight Conquests

Dark Knight Conquests (Collection)


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A collection of four erotic fantasy short stories.

The Dark Knight Conquests Erotic Fantasy collection features the insatiable and lustworthy Dark Knight of Lightloss. This warrior and famed lover indulges in the attentions and favors of more women than he would dare to count. This series is intended for an adult audience only.

Dark Knight Conquests includes these four stories: The Dark Knight’s Sins, Taken by the Dark Knight, The Dark Knight’s Appetites, and The Dark Knight’s Agenda.

The Dark Knight’s Sins


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She never thought she’d have a chance at a night in the Dark Knight’s arms…

Lady Serelle craved a life of solitude and prayer – she’s never wanted marriage and children, but as a Lady of Rawstone she had few alternatives. At the Convent of the Three Sisters, Serelle thought she found her place in the world, until harassment drove her from it.

When the Dark Knight of Lightloss comes to escort her home, she takes her chance to have something in this life just because it is what she wants. And a night in the Dark Knight’s arms is exactly what her heart desires.

Taken by the Dark Knight

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One chance to put what she wants first…and she wants the Dark Knight…

Katrina is a young noblewoman about to be married off to a much older man. She fervently wishes her first time could be with someone desirable.

When Katrina stumbles on the Dark Knight of Lightloss in a compromising position, she might just get her wish.

The Dark Knight’s Appetites


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A famed lover staying at the family inn? Gillian’s life just got more interesting…

Gillian tends her parent’s inn, the only inn in the small village of Sailaway. Patrons have tried various means to get her into bed – with varying degrees of success. But she’s never relished the sight of a man like she does the appearance of the Dark Knight of Lightloss at the family inn. She’s been waiting for this opportunity.

Such a man is worth the risk, if she can just get around her father’s protectiveness, the jealousy of her many suitors, and a full house waiting to be served.

The Dark Knight’s Agenda


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A lonely lady succumbs to the Dark Knight, to her extreme satisfaction…

Lady Isabella is stuck in a loveless marriage to scheming, greedy Lord Marcus. She puts on a smile for her children, and her elderly father, but in reality, she has little to look forward to.

When the Dark Knight of Lightloss joins her dinner party, Lady Isabella’s thoughts turn to what she’d do to such a man if he were hers. And later, when they find themselves alone, she can’t pass up the opportunity to try something new, especially in the pleasing form of the Dark Knight.