Sexy Strangers

Sexy Strangers (Collection)

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A collection of three short stories exploring erotic encounters.

Snowstorms, nightclubs and bachelorette parties…and ladies taking what they need from the night. This series is intended for an adult audience only.

Sexy Strangers includes these three stories: A Snowy Night Stranger, A City Night Stranger, and A Party Night Stranger.

A Snowy Night Stranger

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A sudden snowstorm brings Anna a sexy stranger.

Anna is a photographer. She set out to photograph nature, but ended up with squirming, squealing kids and teary-eyed grandmothers. There’s just one place where she can snap away at the surrounding natural beauty without a care in the world. The family cabin is her paradise.

But when an early snow comes, a stranger invades her personal paradise. A hot stranger. Together, they’ll find the perfect method of distraction on a snowy night.

A City Night Stranger

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Some girls just want to have fun…with a sexy-stubbled stranger.

Sami doesn’t know what to do with her sudden free time when her ride leaves her stranded.

Then the perfect opportunity to explore one of her naughtiest fantasies drops into her lap, in the form of a handsome and interested stranger. How can a girl resist?

A Party Night Stranger

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Bachelorette parties can get wilder than you’d believe…

Sometimes watching your best friends get married is hard. Instead, why not hire a couple of strippers and watch some hard men together? That’s just what Marissa does for her friend Talia’s bachelorette party.

But she doesn’t realize how wild her pent up friends are determined to get. Or that a new man is going to walk into her life. Tonight.